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Mushroom Risotto

Chef John V.| Fall 2016

Mushroom Risotto

If you like mushrooms and risotto, then this dish is for you! In a restaurant, a cook would prepare the dish to order. Risotto in one pot and mushrooms in another so that when the Risotto was cooked so would be the mushrooms. The cook would then simply put the Risotto in a warm bowl and top it with the sautéed mushrooms.

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Tomato Sauce, Pomodoro or  Salsa Marinara? Cento San Marzano Tomatoes

Chef John V. Fall 2016

Let's talk tomato sauce; there is the old school method, cooking for 5-6 hours and new school method of cooking for 20 minutes. What's the difference between pizza sauce and "spaghetti or tomato sauce" to an American or that fact a non-Italian? Tomato sauce as non-Italians call it, might be Marinara, Puttanesca, Amatriciana, Bolognese or any number of variations to an Italian. Sauce Pomodoro in Italy is made from fresh peeled and seeded tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and is cooked smooth.

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