Good Cooking! Food and Wine Newsgroup Links

Yes they still exist, the original way the Internet looked to many before Windows and other OS gave us Graphical Interfaces.You will need to setup "Newsgroup Support" in your browser and then enter or double one of the address entries below to access the information.

Newsgroup Hierarchy

alt. --- alt., alternative - discussion of all topics
comp. --- comp., computer - computer-related topics humanities, culture and the arts
misc. --- misc., miscellaneous - various topics which don't fall into other categories
news. --- discussions about the Usenet itself
rec. --- rec., recreational - leisure and relaxation, art and culture
sci. --- sci., science - science and technology
soc. --- soc., social - social topics
talk. --- general discussions, religion and politics

*** Please know that your internet provider must also support the newsgroup on their server in order for you to view them! making---