Nothing beats the taste of a juicy ripe peach!

Southern Peaches

 Most supermarket peaches are picked underripe, like tomatoes, and shipped to markets. This is a way for them to survive the shipment. The peaches will never really ripen and they'll never compare to the farm stand down the road, when they are locally in season.

In the USA, particularly in the eastern and southeastern states, great flavored peaches abound, nectarines too. The season is short and runs from early June through August. Now is the time for Georgia peaches. As the season progresses, up the coast they ripen...after the Georgia harvest the season moves up the coast to the Carolinas, Virginia, NJ, NY and up to the New England states. And just to clarify, California and other states peaches are very good too but nothing quite compares to an Eastern Peach in Season!
Commercially Georgia, and New Jersey supply most supermarkets and the remainder of the states production are sold at farm stands and local farmers markets and to fruit processors for canning, or frozen in syrup for bakeries to use in any number of ways.
Juicy Peaches
Enjoy these beauties and look for them in your local stores now. They are known as Southern and later as eastern peaches as the season progresses. FYI, all Peaches have a PLU Supermarket Code of 4402.