the activity of preparing food by a method
and or...
the practice of preparing food by combining, mixing, and usually heating ingredients

common cooking methods are:
sauteing, grilling, roasting, stewing, braising, broiling, frying, baking, boiling, poaching, steaming

Easy to make Chicken Kabobs

chicken kabobs
Easy to make Goat Cheese Toasts

goat cheese crouton

Cooking can be fun or a chore!

You didn't plan ahead, nor did you shop for groceries. Yeah, too busy over the weekend to think about grocery shopping. Now you're home from work to find that you only have some milk, a few beers, a loaf of of bread, a few eggs and some cheese in the refrigerator. In the cabinets, a can of tomatoes, ketchup, mustard and a can of black olives.

Your cooking skills and knowledge are pretty basic, you know how to prepare dishes like meatballs, fried chicken and chili, but grilling salmon with a citrus beurre blanc or steak Diane aren't even on the list. Neither are items such as coleslaw and potato salad, after all you can buy them at a deli counter if you think of it. Spaghetti with Prego is a standard run of the mill easy one pot one bowl meal, with the meatballs that you bought in the freezer section. Sandwiches are okay as long as it's grilled cheese or turkey.

What the heck...I'll do delivery, I hate doing dishes and that's why delivery is great! It's so easy, I'll order extra and have leftovers for tomorrow night. Does this sound familiar? At $25 plus tip per delivery it really adds up! You can save a lot of money and eat better with less food additives, fat and sodium when you know how to cook---ah come-on don't worry about the dishes---use paper plates if you must---

You know that you can do better, right?

a chef plating food is here to help, so check out our menus for recipes, cooking conversions, food facts and more information to help you with your cooking challenges. Professional chefs, trained in culinary arts, would have no problem creating a meal from the items mentioned above.

goodcooking has a 20,000+ recipe database, and Chef John's original and never copied from any other site gourmet recipes. For shame on many food bloggers and websites that copy recipes and post them, even worse is buying the recipes from on-line databases and claiming them as their own...yes many sites do this!!!

The cookbook reviews in the archive section present hundreds more easy and popular recipes from award winning chefs and authors.

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