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  Kangaroo and Mushrooms with Red Wine
  Category: Australian Recipes
  Author: Peter Bradley
  Date: 11/30/2002
  Hits: 384
Serves 2 hungry, or 4 not so hungry people

600 gms loin (or long) fillet of kangaroo
6 to 10 mushrooms preferably field mushrooms
A good knob of butter, say 40 gms
Half a glass of good Australian red wine (the Barossa Valley Estate 1995 Shiraz Cabernet was wonderful!)
Melt the butter in a large iron frying pan or on a barbecue plate. Brown kangaroo steak and add sliced mushrooms. When the steak is browned on both sides quickly slice into pieces about 1.5 to 2 cm thick. Quickly brown the slices on both sides and cook until the steak is nearly cooked - not too well done please! It should be still a little pink inside. Throw in the red wine and allow to continue cooking for a few more moments. Remove the meat and mushrooms and place on plates.

If you are using a pan you can reduce the remaining fluid a little then pour it over the meat.

Serve with potatoes cooked in their jackets or cut into slices and fried and salad or green vegetable depending on the season.

Of course the remainder of the red wine will not go to waste.

For those connoisseurs of kangaroo the Northern Territory Blue Flier is the best kangaroo meat you can get. Kangaroo is a very rich meat which is low on cholesterol, most people would not eat as much kangaroo as they would beef steak.

And for the wine lover the Barossa Valley Estate 1995 Shiraz Cabernet is a medium bodied red wine full of ripe berry flavours and low on tannin. My wife, who is not normally fond of red wines, loves it. I can recommend it as an excellent accompaniment to kangaroo.

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