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  Beef Stew Casserole
  Category: Casseroles
  Author: Sally Sierak
  Date: 8/21/2010
  Hits: 970
History: I wanted to try something to incorporate beef and white wine yet retain my Canadian heritage weeknight dinner quality.

Description: Beef Stew and Vegetable Casserole

Serving Size: 8

Preparation Time: 1 1/2 hrs

Beef Stew Meat, Brussels Sprouts, Chilled White wine, Thyme, Cornstarch
Carrots, Beef broth, Mrs. Dash, Worcestershire Sauce
Parsnips, Fresh Parsley
Baby Onions, Bay Leaf
Potatoes (mashed)


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Beef Stew 2 lbs
Potatoes 1 small bag
Brussels Sprouts 1 bag frozen
Baby Carrots 1 medium bag
Parsnips 2
Baby Onions Small bag
White wine 1 bottle
Beef broth 2 cans
Thyme 1/2 tsp
Mrs. Dash 1/2 tsp
Fresh Parsley 1 bunch
Bay Leaf 3
Cornstarch 3 tbsp.
Worcestershire Sauce 1 tsp.
Anything else?
Using an un-greased heavy or cast iron skillet, brown stew meat on both sides on medium high heat. Then turn heat down to low, cover and leave for twenty minutes.
Prepare vegetables. Peel onions and set aside; thaw Brussels Sprouts in cold water, peel and quarter potatoes and soak in cold water. Peel and dice parsnips and soak in cold water.
Chop finely one-half of the parsley. Add coarsely chopped onion to parsley. Set aside in small covered plastic bowl in refrigerator.
Mix thyme with beef broth, Worcestershire Sauce and one cup of chilled white wine. Mix cornstarch and one-half of the liquid until smooth. Add this mixture to the rest of the liquid and blend. Set aside in covered container in refrigerator.
Transfer the browned stew meat to a Dutch Oven or Roasting Pan with lid. Deglaze the skillet with 1/4 cup of the white wine and add to stew meat. Add the remaining can of beef broth, Bay leaves, fresh parsley, and all of the vegetables except the potatoes. Put into a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees and bake for one hour.
While the stew is baking, boil potatoes. When cooked, drain, mash thoroughly, add enough milk until the potatoes have a creamy but firm consistency. Set potatoes aside.
After one hour of baking time, take the stew out of the oven and add the white wine/broth mixture. Stir into all ingredients thoroughly. Cover and bake for another half hour.
Spread mashed potatoes evenly over the stew. Bake for another fifteen minutes. Remove from oven and leave at room temperature for at least another fifteen minutes.
The Final Act

This is a meal in itself! Serve with a good distinctive dry white wine like Fume Blanc. Also, it is nice to break away, for a while anyway, from the "Red Meat-Red Wine" team and try a more subtle approach

Really Important:
The cooking times for this recipe may need to be reduced or extended depending on your oven. Serve with crusty French rolls and a lettuce and tomato salad with vinaigrette dressing.

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