Recipe Name: Cream of Chicken
History: My mother made this occasionally. I loved it so much she now makes it for every time I visit! I have now taken this dish under my wings and shared with many friends and family.
Description: Creamy Chicken over Rice
Preparation time: about 1 hour
Serves: for 3-4

4 chicken breast diced
400 ml thickened cream
1 tin champignons
3/4 cup of chopped bacon
basil (chopped)
2 1/2 cups of rice
* boil rice
* dice chicken roughly, and cook in normal frying pan
* remove cooked chicken and throw in champignons and bacon (chopped)
* now add all of cream and let simmer (this should take a brown tinge to the cream)stir occasionally
* sprinkle some basil into the cream and stir
* add chicken again and simmer (for approximately 10 minutes)
* serve creamy chicken on a bed of rice for all to enjoy!

Reformatted from a recipe submitted to, © Good Cooking, Inc. 2005